This Course Library is the next step for Massage and Spa Therapists ready to start or expand their business and offerings!

More clients, money, and opportunities are out there, and the Massage and Spa Success Library programs will help you find them. It's for you if you are ready to invest an hour or two per week in learning, implementing, and getting OUT of your comfort zone.

You will learn to:

Build a successful wellness business on your terms! The business that you dreamed of when you went to school.

💵 Create income streams within your business to increase your take-home pay and profits.

🤓 Promote your services consistently and confidently with marketing activities that you enjoy.

🌹 Make money while saving your hands and avoiding burnout with spa services that sell.

💆‍♀️ Keep your schedule full with rebooking systems that don't feel awkward, prepaid packages, gift certificate sales, and membership programs. 

YOU get unlimited lifetime access to every course to study at your own pace!

What's included?

Read Below! 👇

Growing Your Business Essentials

1. Massage Business Start-Up 4-Week Intensive (a $99 Value)

Are you ready to get started on your massage business? I don’t mean are you ready because you have it all together, money, the plan, the knowledge. I mean, are you ready to figure that stuff out? Are you ready to stop saying someday, and say TODAY. Are you ready to take the first step and make a commitment to yourself that this WILL happen. Does it matter if you make it happen in a month, six months, or even a year? Or, does it matter that it happens?

What if you fail? Will your life be over? Or will you pick yourself up, regroup and try again? Or at least be damn proud that you tried? Maybe you are like me, and you just want to jump in with both feet; the sooner, the better. Or maybe you are a planner, you like to know what the heck you are getting into! Either way I have a new program just for you!

Let’s focus on all the reasons why you WILL succeed in your massage business.

We are going to cover so much good stuff!! You’ll know how to find out all the rules and regulations, budgeting, tons of options for how you CAN start your own business (it may not look like the picture in your head). We’ll get into the FUN stuff, what kind of amazing unique business you want to create, what supplies and you need (and how to save $$ on them). Most importantly we’ll figure out where your clients are, get them in the door and keep them coming back!

What’s included in the Massage Business Start Up Intensive?

✔Twelve content-rich lessons covering all aspects of business start up
✔Checklists of what you need to get started
✔Money saving tips, how to figure out what to charge, business budgeting and bookkeeping
✔Taxes (payroll, self employment and sales tax), state & local regulations, business structure, & insurance
✔Finding the best location, and different location options, plus house call business planning
✔Marketing strategy, marketing materials, and promotions
✔Creating your service menu and MORE!!
✔Plus the companion ebook, Massage Business Start-Up Guide, updated for 2017 and formatted for easy reading on mobile devices.

2. Writing to Sell in Your Massage or Spa Business (a $49 Value)

How would you like to attract your ideal dream clients that you love working with, that value you and value what you do? Of course you would! Clients that aren’t the right clients for us are draining, they ask for discounts, don’t show up, and we really don’t enjoy working with them. Am I right?
Would you like to know exactly how to attract your ideal clients to your business? This is what I cover in “It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It! Writing to Sell in Your Massage or Spa Business.”

This is game changing stuff that you can start using immediately! In this webinar replay, you will get and learn:

✔Speak to your clients in THEIR language
✔Create an instant connection with your ideal clients
✔Promote your services, gift certificates and products in a fun way that just seems to flow
✔Sell your services and stay booked!
✔Copy and Paste Swipe Files for your business $97 value

3. Making Money with Spa Parties with 2 NCBTMB CE HOURS (a $49 value)

Learn how to create fun and lucrative spa parties and grow your business! Could you use an extra $300 or more per week? That is what you can profit from just one small spa party! The possibilities are endless. Now you can learn to offer fun spa parties at your place of business or at your clients homes.

People are always looking for fun, healthy and unique options for parties. Check online and see how many businesses are doing this. Probably not many. You will stand out from the crowd, and creating profitable customized party packages for your customers is easy.

In this 10-part audio course we will learn:

✔Who is looking for spa parties, and where to find them.
✔What makes a “spa party” special, instead of just booking multiple services?
✔Ideas for different services you can offer at your spa parties.
✔Spa party food and beverages, all the details and options for this important part of any party!
✔Planning your unique spa party menus.
✔Pricing and scheduling your spa parties.
✔Finding and paying extra therapists and service providers.
✔How to create perfect gift bags and unique extras.
✔Having a good “flow” of services and making your spa parties fun!
✔Plus, marketing your massage parties.

4. Gift Certificate Sales Mastery with 3 NCBTMB CE HOURS (a $59 value)

Most massage and spa therapists have “gift certificates available” but smart therapists have a marketing plan and know that gift certificate sales can be a significant source of income and new client, without discounting. Imagine checking your email and realizing you made sales while you were sleeping! That is a great feeling.

You probably started your business to help people with pain relief, and relaxation, not to be a full-time marketer. Building your business with gift certificate sales can help you spend more time in the treatment room and less time worrying if the phone will ring. Plus, you will be helping your existing clients with their holiday shopping, nobody wants to give another kitchen gadget or scarf…
I’ve sold up to $11,000 in Gift Certificates in one holiday season, by just doing a few simple marketing tasks, and you can too! A solo therapist selling 25-50 gift certificates and retaining new clients can earn $2,000-$3000 this holiday season, plus income that adds up over time.

Here’s what you will learn:
✔How to suggest and sell Gift Certificates to your existing clients without being pushy
✔The best way to promote your services as The Perfect Gift
✔Unique packaging and presentation tips that will increase sales, and make your Gift Certificates the “go to” gift
✔How to create high value specials that will SELL
✔Simple and effective marketing and networking tips to maximize your Gift Certificate sales

Get your plan together, start marketing, and have the best gift certificate season ever!

5. The $10K Club for Massage Therapists (a $99 value)

Earn $10,000 MORE this year!

Are you ready to have the career you wanted when you started your massage journey?
What if you could add $10,000 to your income in the next year? I know that isn’t exactly millionaire’s row, but it sure could make life easier, less stress-full and more fun! How about a nice vacation? Yes, please! Paying off bills or even starting your own business? Yes, you can!

You WILL have to do the work, $10,000 doesn’t just fall out of the sky, but it is 100% DOABLE!
I’m sure you started in massage to make a difference in people’s lives, I know I did! I had plans to ride around in my van, giving awesome massages and making lots of money. Ha! Clients were not exactly blowing up my phone, so I had to figure out how to let them know about me.
Little did I know I would fall in love with marketing and figuring out new ways to make money and be successful. I’ve been operating massage businesses and working in spas and resorts many years, and I love teaching these game changing, life changing, money making, business building systems!!
This is not about “sell sell sell” or seeing tons of clients and having no life. This is about getting your ideas generated, implemented and taking quick action to increase your income and create the life and biz you were dreaming of when you went to massage school.

It’s consistently showing up, being your best and applying your new skills. It’s trying different things to see what works for you in your space and business. AND it’s having the confidence and support to GO FOR IT!!

Maybe you are getting discouraged, maybe you are working two jobs, or you just want to upgrade your life while doing what you love! If that is the case then you are in the right place! We will work together, and get your plan sorted out and bringing in the money.

So what is holding you back? Some of us get stuck on generating ideas, lots of people get stuck on taking risks & FEAR, and a whole bunch of us get stuck on perfection/details/content, putting yourself out there…..

Do any of these sound like you? Then, LET’S GET UNSTUCK and start TAKING ACTION!!

Here’s how we will get there:
14 audio lesson plus worksheets to plan how you can start right away to increase your income.

6. Massage & Spa Successful Membership Program Online Workshop (a $99 value)

Create recurring income, a full schedule, and clients that are your biggest fans with membership programs! Have you been thinking about starting a membership program, but you just aren’t sure where to start? Memberships can create a steady income for you and your business and your clients will get better results too, because they will be on a regular schedule, leading to more referrals and more new members! Join us and learn how to create a profitable membership program that’s a WIN for you and your clients.

Membership are NOT about discounting. Discounting often comes from a place of fear or even desperation….. This workshop is about creating a business model that supports you with a great income and supports your clients with the benefits of regular wellness services.
You will get the tools you need to design, name, price and become confident at selling your memberships.

Get ready for these results:
✔Loyal Clients with Standing Appointments
✔A steady, recurring income, so you can plan your life and continue to grow your business
✔More upsells and upgrades
✔Automatic rebookings
✔Rewards your regular clients
✔Your clients will get better results and feel like VIP’s!

We will cover in detail pricing, member benefits, payments, naming your program, membership levels, cancellation policies, terms and conditions and much more. You will be ready to plan your program and launch it ASAP!Not only do you get the Workshop Replay with Membership Planner but I’m also including these bonuses to help you get started:

✔Massage & Spa Menu Swipe Files and Ad Copy $97 value
✔Writing to Sell Webinar, updated April 2018 $97 value
✔Live Q&A and Planning Session Monday May 17 at 7pm EST
✔18 exclusive Membership Program promotional images $90 Value
✔Who Is Your Ideal Client? webinar $47 Value

This course is designed to be taken over a four week period, however you get everything all at once so that you can work at your own pace.

✔Lesson 1 Intro and Overview
✔Lesson 2 Who needs/wants house-calls, and finding your ideal clients
✔Lesson 3 Your set up, supplies, paperwork, staying organized, tips and tricks!
✔Lesson 4 Arrival and set up, being in people’s home & personal spaces and professional boundaries
✔Lesson 5 Safety!
✔Lesson 6 Marketing and Promotions
✔Lesson 7 Chair/Onsite Massage and Special Events and putting it all together, taking action and getting started

7. Build Your Massage Outcall Business (a $99 value)

We will get your Massage Outcall Business planned and launched. This 7-part class includes video and audio classes, and worksheets covering outcall business start-up, from supplies to prices, to safety and marketing. At the end, you will be ready to ROLL.

This course is designed to be taken over a four week period, however you get everything all at once so that you can work at your own pace.

Lesson 1 Intro and Overview
Lesson 2 Who needs/wants house-calls, and finding your ideal clients
Lesson 3 Your set up, supplies, paperwork, staying organized, tips and tricks!
Lesson 4 Arrival and set up, being in people’s home & personal spaces and professional boundaries
Lesson 5 Safety!
Lesson 6 Marketing and Promotions
Lesson 7 Chair/Onsite Massage and Special Events and putting it all together, taking action and getting started

Growing Your Client-Relationship Essentials

8. New Client Attraction Bootcamp (a $99 Value)

Boot Camp will give you the tools to market your business, book yourself solid, and grow your business!

Are you just starting out in your business? Maybe some of your regulars have dropped off? It happens. Are you tired of working SO HARD and just barely getting by? Building a clientele can be difficult, especially if you are on a budget. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to do next…. Let’s do this together! And get your ideal clients on the table or in the chair, and on a regular schedule.

You get 30 content-rich lessons covering:

✔In-person networking YES
✔Your printed marketing materials DONE
✔Creating a client friendly website DONE
✔Building your newsletter list DONE
✔When and how to GIVE your services to build your business
✔FREE internet business listings
✔Social media and Facebook marketing SIMPLIFIED
✔NEW content for Estheticians!
✔Rebooking and building your clientele with repeat clients and raving FANS!
✔And MUCH more!

9. Perfectly Booked with 3 NCBTMB CE HOURS (a $59 value)

Are you struggling to build up your massage practice? Do you wish clients would rebook effortlessly without an awkward conversation that leaves you feeling “salesy”? If the answer to any of these is yes, then this class is for you!

When I started out as a massage therapist 20 years ago I didn’t know what to say to get my clients re-booking and referring. I couldn’t figure out why my clients weren’t rescheduling, even though everyone said my massages were excellent. I had to figure it out or get a new job! I’ve spent many years and thousands of dollars learning business-building strategies. Now it’s my turn to help you build the business that’s just right for you.

Did you know the most common reason massage clients don’t return to a massage therapist has nothing to do with the massage? It’s true! Usually, small details were overlooked, or they were simply not invited back. Don’t let your clients leave unhappy or wondering what they should do.

The Perfectly Booked 10-Day Ecourse will show you how to:

✔Rebook massage clients and get constant referrals like a pro!
✔Kick old beliefs to the curb and learn precisely what to say when recommending service and treatment plans to clients.
✔Expertly consult with clients so they feel heard, and re-booking is a breeze.
✔Customize all of these materials to your personality and business. There is no need to feel fake, scripted, or like a salesman!
✔Learn the essential actions you can take during the treatment to ensure your clients are 100% completely comfortable and relaxed. Plus, details that will set you apart from other therapists and turn any room into a luxurious spa!
✔Sell products ethically and successfully. Did you know clients return to businesses where they purchased a product more frequently? Increase your income while adding value to your services!
✔Overcome fear and quickly build a loyal clientele and secure income.

You Get 10 Content Rich Lessons with audio, videos, action steps, and done for you scripts & planning guides, plus checklists and more! Each detailed lesson covers an important business-building strategy:

✔Rebooking and rescheduling and even booking standing appointments
✔Educating your clients so they understand WHY they should come in regularly
✔Increasing your income through retail sales
✔Essential phone skills to get clients in the door, and already thinking about their next session!
✔Follow-up that sets you apart from other therapists
✔Upgrading your bookings and making your clients feel like VIP’s
✔Asking for and getting endless referrals

Turn your clients into raving fans that refer, rebook, and can’t wait until their next appointment!

10. Plan Your Successful Events Workshop (a $99 value)

Events are a great way to create a buzz about your business, get new clients in the door, increase your gift certificate sales, build your business with rebooking your gift certificate clients, showcase your business and have fun! This workshop was created for Mother’s Day events, but can be easily modified for any event you can imagine!

There are lots of options for your event so you can create one that is unique and fits you and your business model, whether you are an Esthetician, Massage Therapist or Spa Owner this workshop will work for you! You may have tried events in the past and had them fall flat…… it happens, but with some tweaks, new strategies and planning, I know your event will be a success!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What “theme” should your event have? From simple to more extravagant, plan and event that fits you and your biz!
Scheduling your event
Your shopper’s “event experience”
Creating your specials and what to offer
Your event supplies checklist
Inviting, inviting again, confirming and reminding, this is THE most important key to a successful event!
Follow up! Just because they didn’t make it to the event does not mean they are not interested.
Leverage your event and repeat for Christmas, and other holidays.
What to do after your event to plan ahead for next year!

This is a live workshop, with a replay that you can watch anytime. We will also have a “pop-up” Facebook group with a follow up Q&A session and follow up support. If you are looking for a fun and unique way to promote your business, then you must join this workshop. Stand out in your community and provide a healthy gift option for mother’s day!

This workshop includes the following bonuses to help you rock your Gift Certificate Event!

✔Bonus #1 Mother’s Day Marketing Content Bundle, including images, newsletter articles, and gift certificate templates $97 Value
✔Bonus #2 Creating Your Own Spa Products Workshop Replay $47 Value
✔Bonus #3 20 Sales Activities List and Video $97 Value

Growing Your Skills Essentials

11. Learn To Teach Couple Massage (a $79 value)

This class is for Massage Therapists that want to add a FUN new service to their businesses, teach group classes, and share the benefits of massage in a new and exciting way!

You Will Learn:
✔How to get started with teaching
✔A complete class outline & lesson plan
✔Who your ideal “student” clients are
✔Different ways to offer this class
✔Teaching and presentation skills
✔Where you can teach your classes
✔Pricing for your couples and group classes
✔Marketing your massage classes

You will receive:

✔The webinar replay (70 min.)
✔Presentation slides to accompany the webinar
✔A four-hour class lesson plan
✔Class handouts on What we will learn, Creating a relaxing massage environment, Basic massage techniques, Benefits of massage, and Massage contraindications.

There’s even more! I’m also including promotional templates for your couples classes, including:
✔A done-for-you article on the health benefits of partner massage 
✔A sample sales page for your website, flyers, and service menu 

If you have wanted to add a unique new service to your business, another income stream, and save your hands, this is it!

12. Teaching Infant Massage

What could be more rewarding than helping new parents bond with their babies through sharing the gift of touch? You can teach infant massage to pregnant couples and new parents classes at your local hospital, health department, or community center, at your office, or at a home visit. Being a new parent is STRESSFUL and infant massage is an excellent way to soothe a fussy baby, play with the baby, and develop a loving bonding routine.

In this workshop, you will learn:
✔How to find and approach groups in your community to teach infant massage, boost your expert status, and help new families!
✔How to offer infant massage in your office to new parents.
✔An overview of an infant massage class with a full routine and handouts that you can use to teach your class.

✔Benefits of infant massage blog post for your website, newsletter, or printed materials 
✔Infant Massage Class Handouts & Routine 
✔Done for you Sales Flyer and Swipe Copy 
✔Sample letter of introduction to get your classes booked 
✔Demo video of infant massage on a doll!

13. Spa Masterclass with 3 NCBTMB CE HOURS (a $59 value)

Turn your massage business into a total Day Spa with the Spa Masterclass! It’s no secret that massage therapy is hard work! Even the best therapists can become injured or burned out. Learning new skills will bring in more money and extend your career. Are you ready for a change?

In the USA alone, people spend $14 billion yearly on spa services, with an average “ticket” price of $137. Are you leaving money on the table?

Even if you don’t currently run your own business, these services can help you land a better job or earn more where you currently work. Imagine more variety in your day, giving your body a break from deep tissue massage, and bigger paychecks!

You might think you’ve tried spa services, but nobody books them! I know how you feel, and this can happen for several reasons. You may not be offering the right services for your clients or need help with exactly how to position and SELL your spa services.

We will cover all that and more in the Spa Masterclass!

Spa Classes including:

✔Easy Natural no-shower Body Wraps using aloe, herbs, and essential oils.
✔Skin Smoothing Body Scrubs and no mess exfoliation with a body brush or loofah.
✔Rejuvenating Face and Scalp Massage Treatments
✔Specialty Services for Hands and Feet
✔Massage Facial Treatments

In addition to the videos, you will receive a printable step-by-step workbook with photos for each service. Workbooks include a supply checklist, complete service protocol, and a one-page “cheat sheet” you can use in the treatment room for reference.

Business and Marketing Resources including:

✔5 Ways to Create More Income and Save Your Hands with Spa Services Webinar
✔Service Menu Creation & Swipe Files
✔Spa Menu Creation Live Call Replay
✔Gift Certificate Sales Webinar
✔Creating Specials and Sales Live Call Replay
✔Recommended Professional Resources

14. Spa Enhancements Your Clients Will LOVE! With 6 NCBTMB CE HOURS (a $89 value)

Spa Enhancements are a fantastic way to add value for your massage clients, save your hands, and boost your bottom line! These additions to your already terrific massages will be a perfect combination of relaxation, therapy, and pampering. You don’t have to be an expert in spa services to add these money-making services to your menu. Just follow the step-by-step instructions in Spa Enhancements Your Clients Will Love!

These are the services I have used in my 20 years as a Massage Therapist, Esthetician, and Spa Owner. I’ve trained dozens of therapists just like you.

✔Fact: The average annual income of a Massage Therapist in the US, as reported by the American Massage Therapy Association, is only $21,028 per year. You and I both know that’s not enough to live comfortably on.
✔Fact: Clients are looking for these pampering, health-enhancing services. 

You are missing out if you’re not offering spa services like these!
✔Your clients will LOVE and pay more for these stress-busting treatments
✔You will be able to create new services unique to your business
✔Your business will stand out from the competition
✔You’ll enjoy the new variety of services
✔You will be able to stop discounting your services and add value instead
✔You’ll be able to earn even more if you choose to retail the products you use
✔You don’t have to do them all. Add a little at a time if needed.

How much you charge/earn is up to you! You get all this:

✔Detailed video instructions on how to do 11 Enhancement Services
✔Complete instructions for a new 50-minute service
✔25 ways to market your new services
✔8 New services you can offer by combining Enhancements with Massage
✔Handy quick notes you can print for your treatment room
✔Simple spa recipes to help get you started
✔Resource guide to help you find products and save money
✔Downloadable Ebook

15. Chair Massage Workshop (a $99 value)

Are you ready to start growing an on site massage business?
You need a business plan that includes marketing, event setup, letters of introduction, and more! That’s where most people get stuck but with this start up kit you will have everything you need to for contacting new clients and delivering your services.

Chair massage is a big money maker and a low overhead fun business to run.
If you are ready to launch a new business or add on site massage to your current business, you don’t want to miss this! We have gone all-out with beautiful stock chair massage images, beautifully designed flyers, and more.

Your Chair Massage Start-Up Kit Includes:

✔“Chair Massage Business and Promotions” Webinar replay $47 value
✔Sample Chair Massage Introduction Letters for Corporate and Small Business $40 value
✔2 Flyers for In-Office Chair Massage and Special Event Chair Massage which you can customize with your business info (Word and fillable PDF) $50 value
✔Sign-up Sheet, Mini Intake Form, Prize Drawing Ticket templates, Table Sign Ideas, and more! $40 value

 Get your unlimited today and build a thriving wellness practice or spa!

Choose a one-time payment or payment plan! 

Hi! I’m Gael Wood. When I graduated from Massage School in 1995, I was ready to hit the ground running and start my business. I couldn't wait to get my hands on people! I tried to go out independently but didn't have enough clients to make it happen, so I worked at a spa and a bed & breakfast.  

A few years later, I took a marketing class that changed my life. I tried again and built a house-call business and then had the opportunity to open a massage clinic in a shopping center. My little massage clinic grew into a day spa, and as I had more therapists to keep busy, I had to keep learning about marketing, customer service and business.

I LOVED it, marketing is my jam, and I am so excited to share my perspective and strategies with you!

Let me help YOU find that sweet spot and build the business that’s just right for you.

The Resource Library includes my 28 years of massage and spa business experience condensed into bite-sized lessons to help you start or grow your dream business. Your one-time payment includes lifetime access to all the programs listed on this page. 

What some of my amazing students and clients are saying!

 Just letting you know that I made my August goal (5K) tonight. My total is $5105 as of today. Thank you Gael for helping me aim higher!

I need to run over and hug Gael Wood! Today is Day 1 after setting my goal of making $5K this month. I'm motivated to make it happen. 

Thank You Gael for making this fun and bringing us your enthusiastic energy. Xoxo

Hi All! Just thought I'd check-in and share some awesome stuff, even though I'm taking some time off from this course until I'm back from my trip.
I am on track to make the most money I've ever made in one month (at any job, ever) this month! In the first 2 weeks of August, I'm almost at $4000 income into my business! And this next week is going to be very busy, I have 27 appointments!

Just want you to know that what you do IS really important. What you teach doesn't come naturally to many people like me. You are giving us tools that will not only allow us to grow our practices, you are giving us an opportunity to provide a decent paying wage for other Therapists that aren't entrepreneurial. You're helping us provide for our families and still enjoy them. That's HUGELY important.

I followed all of your advice Gael and WOW this has helped tremendous. I have got more likes, shares, and even bookings where before I was using my Facebook page to advertise my offers I am now sharing different topics which clients absolutely love, quotes, etc., and the response has been tremendous this absolutely works. Thanks again, Gael.

Thank you for helping me get my business on track and helping me stayed focused on want I want to achieve! Petrina LMT on the 30-day massage marketing boot camp

I want to again thank you for your material. It has been more helpful than all of the business coaches I've had and the 100's workshops I've taken over the course of 5 years. So full of gratitude.
Darlene Sochin-Maras MS, RMT

If you are on the fence thinking "is it worth the time and money for me?" The answer is YES! This is very helpful. I can't wait to finish this again so that I have a new plan for fall. After this, I will be looking for another one to take with her.

This group has continually helped to challenge me and changed my thinking with marketing myself.

Gael is an AMAZING leader! She demands a lot of her students. She keeps a really good pace in the teachings. She is so open and willing to share her experience and knowledge. She opens doors in your mind and gives confidence and ideas to grow yourself. Not only as a person but also as a business owner!

Even though boot camp is completed, I am still growing! I love her Facebook group. Everyone in the group is open and willing to help with questions and "roadblocks".

I have found so much value in this bootcamp. It is definitely worth the investment of your time and money. You WILL grow. You WILL be better. Your BUSINESS will explode!!

Choose a one-time payment or payment plan!