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Writing is the skill I know from experience that will help you create the business, income, and life you desire! And it's something that most of us don't do enough of. The more you write and share your writing, the faster you will attract your ideal clients and customers.

The more you write your thoughts, ideas, and dreams, the faster they will become your reality. Join this space for writers, want-to-be writers and expand, experiment, and elevate with me!

 Each month:

We will have a brand new writing class covering an aspect of writing for business and success! ) All live classes will have replays.

Topics will include:

    Writing for Business & Making Money with Your Writing
    Creating a Consistent Writing Routine - and sticking to it
    Writing Ebooks, Publishing and Selling Your Writing
    Persuasive Writing - Writing to SELL
    How to always have great ideas and keep them organized
    Writing and selling through email 
    Leveraging your writing to use it over and over, build your expert status, and create new opportunities
    Shining your light and sharing your uniqueness through your writing
    Writing faster and your writer's toolbox
    Taking imperfect action, facing fear, and pressing publish
    Journaling to solve problems, design your life, and get to know yourself more deeply
    Classes: The course library will become a resource as you reach different stages in your writing adventure. You will stay inspired and always know what the next step is. 

 Plus, you will receive a monthly behind-the-scenes report on my progress as I attempt to publish ten new ebooks in 2023! Learn from my process, hacks, mistakes, and wins!

    If you are ready to elevate your writing and create the business and life you envision, join us today! I can't wait to see what you create. 

The Write Way is for motivated entrepreneurs who are ready to publish their writing more consistently on more platforms, create a steady stream of new articles, social posts, ebooks, and course content and receive the benefits of taking consistent action in this area. This program is for you if you are not afraid to go deep and discover more about what's holding you back so you can move forward faster. 

This program is not for you if you are looking for a shortcut, a magic formula, or a get-rich-quick plan. 

Writing is work. It takes time, and the results aren't immediate. Writing is an investment in your business and yourself that pays off for many years. 

The Write Way is an amazing value and is NOW part of the Elevate Library. All these for just $29 a month!

How can I offer so much for such a small investment? That's the beauty of the simplicity of this program, one monthly class, one monthly challenge, and our community. I want to offer affordable programs where we can all thrive. That's my business model. 

You can easily access your classes, challenges, and community through the website or phone apps. Invest one hour per month in learning, a few minutes a day on challenges, and elevate your confidence, writing, and impact fast!

I know you don't have hours to spend watching videos, so our trainings will be one hour or slightly less each month, so you can spend less time watching and more time implementing. 

You are here to share your gifts and make a difference in the world. Writing is the way to do that and so much more. 

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The Write Way is already part of the Elevate Business Library. Get this with more courses and new classes!

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 Writing is THE WAY to the next level in your business, in your mindset. You have everything that you need to succeed inside you.

Writing makes it tangible and real. Writing opens the doors of opportunity, interviews, guest articles, collaborations, speaking engagements, website traffic, expert status, and sales! When you join The Write Way, you will step into the energy of being a writer. You will be supported by other writers and mentored through discussions, classes, and challenges. 

 It's the right time to join The Write Way! 

For just $20 per month, you'll receive an expert-led class ($49 Value), DIY monthly challenges self-paced ($29 Value), my behind-the-scenes monthly updates, and The Write Way Community (for questions and supporting each other). 

The first class Creating a Consistent Writing Habit has happened! The replay is available now. 

Our new class for February will be Tools for Writing - I'll share all my favorite tools for writing faster, organizing your ideas and work, editing, self-publishing, and formatting. We will also go over what I DIY and outsource and options for every stage of your writing journey. Use tools, get more done and press publish!

Monthly Classes

Learn pro writing, publishing, and mindset strategies with best-selling author Gael Wood. A new class each month to keep you moving forward and reaching your goals. 

Ten years ago, when I started my online "side hustle," I did not think I could write. But, I knew I needed to in order to succeed and change my life. I started small with a few blog posts and, one year later, an ebook. That ebook turned into a course, and I kept blogging. My confidence was growing, and I kept going. 

Today I have published 15 Ebooks, created over 60 online courses and programs, and built a 6 figure business. In 2020 I started homeschooling my son (as we all did, we just kept going). In 2021 as a business-running homeschooling mom, I published six new books, two in print, and became an Amazon best-selling author. Writing has opened many doors and opportunities for me, and I want that for you too!

If I can do it, you can too. Join me in The Write Way, and I'll share everything I know. See you inside!

It's your time! 

The Write Way is already part of the Elevate Business Library. Get this with more courses and new classes!

Get The Elevate Business Library!

FAQ's about The Write Way

When are the classes? Our Live classes will generally be on the third Tuesday of the month at 10 am US EST in the Community meet-up room.

Are all of the classes live? I will pre-record the monthly class a few times per year due to holidays or my travel schedule.

 What happens after I sign up? You will receive an email with details on accessing the membership area and community. All signup bonuses are delivered via email.

What if I need to cancel? You can self-cancel at any time within the membership area.

Have other questions? Email [email protected]

It's your time! 

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