The Goal Minders Community is here!

Have you been feeling overwhelmed with content? With podcasts, courses, social media, and YouTube we can find any information that we need 24/7, and yet somehow still not reach our goals.... I've been saying lately that it feels like we've reached "peak internet" and it feels like the time for people again, for connection, for a community.

That is exactly why I have created the Goal Minders. It's a place for women with goals to share our BIG BEAUTIFUL dreams, support one another, and leverage the power of accountability and encouragement as we gather together to bless and be blessed by each other. 

There are no requirements or content to consume, it's a weekly gathering where you can share your goals, your wins, and your struggles, be coached, and be supported by your new friends and biggest fans. 

It can be lonely to be a goal-getter in a world that sometimes doesn't understand hustling and being, doing & having more.... 

But, you don't have to go it alone, you now have a community!

The Goal Minder Community is for you if you know what you want to do and even (mostly) how to do it but you find yourself procrastinating, dimming your light, and not always showing up in the way that you know you can.

It's absolutely for you if you understand the power of a community of like-minded friends, speaking your truth out loud, and creating a situation where you know you will show up and follow through. It's for action takers who want to celebrate success and push themselves a little bit more or a lot more!

It's not for you if are just a dreamer and not a doer, and you are not ready to back yourself fully and show up and participate at least a few times a month. 

Here's how it works!

  • We will meet live weekly on Tuesdays (rotating between 10 am mornings and 8 pm evening US EST to cover varying time zones). Approximately 90 minutes - 2 hours per session. Join as often as you can, stay for the entire time, or just check in.
  • Our meeting will consist of intention setting as a group, sharing wins, sharing goals, and live coaching & masterminding through stuck places.
  • If you cannot attend live, send your goals and questions via email for help/coaching (and watch the replay) & energetic support.
  • Join us on the heartbeat app for a private members-only group chat, including accountability posts, sharing, Q&A, and office hours.
  • You'll receive monthly (optional) coaching exercises and journaling prompts via email to help you get to know yourself better, work through thoughts and beliefs that may be holding you back, and create a habit of asking yourself great questions.
  • A weekly newsletter will arrive in your inbox each Monday with meeting confirmation, group updates & news, and recommended books and resources. 

This program works on every level, as we hold space for each other spiritually & energetically, meet live weekly (physically), share advice and strategy (mentally), and support each other emotionally. 

It's time for the next level of your success it's time to not only reach but crush your goals, it's time for you to join The Goal Minder Community. 

Are you with us?

I cannot wait to see you in our coaching circle! If this program is speaking to you, it's time to say YES to a full year of community, coaching, collaboration, and to your dreams and goals!

Check out the payment options, fast action bonuses, and VIP options now. 

Yes! I'm in Gael!

💫 I know it is time for this community, I've been feeling this shift all year, and I'm sure you have been too. 💫

Online classes are great, it's a miracle that we can teach and share so much information instantly from anywhere in the world, but it can also be overwhelming and confusing. That's because there are unlimited ways to do things, and what we need to do is find our way.

When you take a class you get information, when you join a community you get all the other pieces. Pieces like accountability for completing courses to programs you have invested in, help with following through and implementing, ideas and suggestions for customizing a plan or business strategy, encouragement and support to keep going, and sisters to celebrate your wins, from the big successes to simply just showing up for another day. 

The value of Goal Minders is over $4,800 for weekly coaching, $1,200 for monthly coaching exercises & Journaling content plus our absolutely priceless group chat app, but you won't pay anything near $6,000 for the year!

Pay just $777 for a full year (with a bonus deep dive coaching session valued at $200) or join the monthly subscription with a $49 trial month!

And... I have some very special bonuses for fast action takers!

🌟 The first 30 community members will receive The Money Flow and Marketing Flow Homestudy Course and The Goal-Getter Challenge with lifetime access, and a 30-minute Laser Coaching Session to get clarity on your next steps towards reaching your goals and getting the most out of Goal Minders!

Plus everyone will receive The Dream Life Design Ebook Bundle and Planner Collection a $99 value

The total value of these bonuses is over $500 and you get them all just for saying YES to your goals and dreams and giving Goal Minders a try before May 24! 

VIP option I have 4 spots available for the community & all bonuses plus weekly 30-minute individual coaching sessions and 4 quarterly 90-minute deep dives. 

Join The Goal Minders Coaching Community today, lock in your bonuses, and reach your goals with us!

I have decided to postpone Goal Minders for Now.... (but it will be back!) 

Book a coaching conversation to discuss your goals, business strategy and create a customized action plan. Check out some of my other new offers as well. 

Why coach with me?

I've been there. I know about failing, picking myself back up, and motivating myself day after day. When you are a goal-getter, failure becomes a regular (although generally unwelcome) companion. When my first marriage failed I ended up homeless, jobless, and very depressed. But, I had my daughter to inspire me and I wanted to make a better life for her. Within two years in 2003, I owned a therapeutic massage center and my own home. 

In 2013 I was ready for a change, and I wanted to try selling online books and courses. There was just one problem, I had a story that I "couldn't write" that I had to reframe, this began both my online business journey and completely re-imagining what was possible for myself and my family. 

I've spent the past 10 years, setting new goals, failing, learning strategies but more importantly learning to keep going, keep improving my mind, myself, and believe in myself. I have a list of successes, 15 books published, 60 courses created, content memberships, masterminds, summits, and bundles. I've sold over 40,000 digital products & subscriptions creating a six-figure income for myself & my family. 

When the pandemic hit, I was able to pivot and keep making money online. I was able to homeschool my son without all of the stress my friends were going through. I had options because of the foundation I had built. 

I made a lot of money and I helped a lot of people with courses, programs, and marketing content. In one week in 2019, I was invited to be on the cover of Massage Magazine, and in the World Massage Hall of Fame, I was blown away, but I'll tell you a secret, I'm not special. 

I just set goals and kept showing up, investing in myself, investing in coaching, and getting back up when I messed up and when I failed. 

In 2021 I wrote six books and became certified as a coach because I know life is about continuing to expand, create and reach my full potential. It's true for me, and it's true for you. 

I closed Massage and Spa Success because it was time for a new goal. I've created communities for massage therapists, for people creating online businesses, and for writing books and this new community is for YOU. 

Felicia Brown

With the mindset shift and a few small tweaks came my very first sale through the newly added and opened shopping cart - and from a very special, returning client who brings abundance to my life and business through more than just the dollars she spends. So thankful to my coach, Gael, for helping me open the literal gateway for financial abundance!

Erin Lively

Just finished my planning session with Gael Wood and I am so excited!!! We hadn’t had one for a while and I know, for me, it is so important for me as a solopreneur, to have the opportunity to brainstorm and plan and just process, with another professional in the industry!!! It’s most amazing when it’s with my favorite mentor, my role model and my idol, Gael!  She helped me more than she’ll ever know!!  I look forward to the day we actually meet in person and I can give her a hug!

Stephanie Rodriguez

Oh my gosh - this is where it all started with USOLMT. This was my very first live video ever and I did it with Gael Wood’s encouragement. And, while you watch me cry a little, just look at where we are now! Amazing how much an idea born out of passion for people’s well-being can evolve! It’s been one hell of a journey! It’s crazy to watch this again!

What are your goals?

Do you want to read more, curb your social media time, elevate your health, improve your self-care, write a book, launch or build a business? I know you can reach your goals, big and small and I know that having a community is key.

Are you ready? 

Yes, Gael, I'm in!

I cannot wait to get started! I am bursting with excitement, and I want to answer any questions you might have, just email me at if there is anything that you need to know before you sign up. 

We will meet 48 times over the year, this gives us a few weeks off for holidays/vacation. I know that not everyone will be at every live meeting, and that's exactly why I've added the Heartbeat App with office hours, email support, and replays of our sessions. This program is designed to be doable and flexible while also providing a high level of coaching at a HELL YES almost too good to be true price!

If I am out due to sickness or any other issues we will have make-up sessions scheduled. 

There are no refunds on the community, back yourself and show up. I'm always available to address any questions or concerns you may have. 💖