Making Money with Spa Parties 2 NCBTMB Approved CE Credits

Making Money with Spa Parties 2 CE Online Course

People are always looking for fun, healthy and unique options for parties. Check online and see how many businesses are doing this. Probably not many.

You will stand out from the crowd! Creating profitable customized party packages for your customers is easy. 

Learn how to create fun and lucrative spa parties, increase your income and grow your business! 

In this 10-part audio course, you will learn: 

  •  Who is looking for spa parties, and where to find them.
  •  What makes a “spa party” special, instead of just booking multiple services? 
  •  Ideas for different services you can offer at your spa parties. 
  •  Spa party food and beverages, all the details and options for this important part of any party! 
  •  Planning your unique spa party services and packages
  •  Pricing and scheduling your spa parties. 
  •  Finding and paying extra therapists and service providers. 
  •  How to create perfect gift bags and unique extras. 
  •  Having a good “flow” of services and making your spa parties fun!
  • Creative ways to promote spa parties.

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What People Are Saying:

Did not know how many services I could include with massage therapy and also being a beauty therapist, I have also managed to include some facial treatments too! Looking forward to the rest of the course and for booking my first spa party!

Christy Bunten

🙌always great info & value from Gael! Thank youu!

Jan Lein B

Love all of the courses wish I could do them all!! I have already done about 4 of her courses before and have worked tremendously well in my business and I would highly recommend Gael’s courses to anybody. At the moment I am going back over Spa Parties one that I did last year to refresh my memory.

Sharon Digby, Massage Therapist

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Three Ebooks for just $9!

These guides will help you plan, practice, and promote spa add-ons in your business. 

Massage Enhancements Your Clients will LOVE! 

Detailed instructions on how to do 11 Enhancement Services
Complete instructions for a new 50-minute service

Make more money and save your hands with the services your clients are looking for!

50 Ideas for Massage and Spa Promotions

Do you need some fresh ideas for Massage Specials and Promotions?
Specials can bring in new clients, give you something to promote and talk about (especially on social media) and help you to create services unique to your business. 

48 Spa Recipes

Use this book to create aromatherapy blends, scrubs, lotions, and more. Great for enhancement services, client gifts, or even retail.