The Effortless Upgrades Challenge!

Here's a 7-day challenge course for just $49 and start making more money by easily and effortlessly upgrading your clients!

How it works:

  • You can take this 7-day challenge at your own pace.
  • Learn the mindset behind confidently offering upgrades in a non-pushy way
  • Create business systems and habits to offer and sell upgrades to your clients
  • Increase your average per-client earnings
  • Help your clients get the results they are seeking and increase your rebookings and referrals
  • Become a natural at sharing your upgrades in a way that serves you and your clients

Increase your income by hundreds of dollars each month by working smarter, not harder!

$49.00 USD

Three Ebooks for just $9!

These guides will help you plan, practice, and promote spa add-ons in your business. 

Massage Enhancements Your Clients will LOVE! 

Detailed instructions on how to do 11 Enhancement Services
Complete instructions for a new 50-minute service

Make more money and save your hands with the services your clients are looking for!

50 Ideas for Massage and Spa Promotions

Do you need some fresh ideas for Massage Specials and Promotions?
Specials can bring in new clients, give you something to promote and talk about (especially on social media) and help you to create services unique to your business. 

48 Spa Recipes

Use this book to create aromatherapy blends, scrubs, lotions, and more. Great for enhancement services, client gifts, or even retail.