Learn How Chat GPT Can Help You Promote Your Massage Practice Without Losing Your Authenticity

Learn how chat GTP can save you time and help you to generate endless marketing ideas!

What you'll learn:

  • What Chat GPT can and cannot do
  • Ways to use Chat GPT for your marketing, and more
  • Lots of examples to get you started 
  • Additional recommended resources & PDF of all class inputs and results

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1000 Ideas for Entrepreneurs Workbook $9

Are you feeling short of inspiration right now?

 Do you feel as if you could be doing more with your life, or your business, but you can’t put your finger on quite what that is?

 Do you believe you could achieve more, write more even if you just had the right idea to get you started?

 Then, Gael Wood’s 1000 Ideas for Entrepreneurs Workbook is the workbook for you.

 It’s absolutely for you if you consider yourself to be an ideas person - but are just a little short of ideas right now. We all go through sticky patches creatively, and sometimes all you need is a push in the right direction to make you see things differently - and off you go again.

 This workbook is designed for anyone who wants a little inspiration when it comes to generating fantastic ideas for their business and mindset!

 Gael Wood is the ultimate ideas person, having gone from a life as a tired and burned-out massage therapist to a creative dynamo who has written fifteen e-books, 60 online courses, and multiple successful subscription and membership programs. Gael doesn’t just talk the talk - she literally walks it every single day. And this is how she does it!

 Gael knows that sometimes when you feel stuck, all you need is a little prompt to get the creative juices flowing and the great ideas with them. In this book, you’ll learn about the process Gael uses to generate ideas and her own experience with mind mapping and idea storming.

 …and then you’ll choose from 1000 - yes 1000 - prompts designed to kickstart your creative processes again and stop you from feeling stuck.

The exercises in this book are designed to help you become the problem solving, money-making, goal-getting, successful creator of the life that you want to live. What are you waiting for - dive in now!