The Monthly Challenge Club is here and I am so excited to invite you in! This program is a simple way to grow and reach your personal and professional goals and aspirations by developing new habits & routines and taking action every day to create the life you say you want to have.
Small steps repeated consistently will change your thinking, your health, your finances, relationships, and more.

The little things are the big things after all!

Why do monthly challenges work?

I'm glad you asked. Monthly challenges help us to repeat and integrate the actions that create results in our lives, while also seeming "less hard" than making a big life change, which our subconscious minds will resist. In other words, monthly challenges make changes seem doable, less resistance equals more action taking and life changing results. 

Each month, I'll add new challenges, this is awesome because you'll be able to choose a new challenge or pick any that you want to do from past challenges. You can start any day you choose, and even do more than one challenge per month! You'll also have access to out membership resources that includes, reading lists, additional resources, planners, workbooks, habit trackers and bonuses to help you succeed with your chosen challenges. 

This program is for you if you are ready to create positive changes in your life, and you believe that it gets to be fun, interesting, and easy to do so! If you like to understand the WHY behind your actions and are ready to "hack yourself" so you can live a life by design not default. The sky is the limit, as you challenge yourself and see results your challenges will become habits aka "just who you are" then you'll be ready for your next challenge!

Here's what you'll get:

  • New monthly challenges each month January Challenges are The Goal-Getter Challenge and Declutter Your Money Challenge $100 value monthly
  • All past challenges including, The No-Complaining Challenge, The Get Up Early Challenge, 10 Minute Yoga Challenge, and 30 Day Gratitude Challenge, based on my bestselling book The Gratitude Habit $200 value and growing
  • Bonus workbooks, journals, planners, and habit trackers to help you plan, dive deeper and track your progress $150 value
  • Bonus Workshop Library, including Vision Boards, Stress Free Christmas and more! $199 ++ value
  • Sign up bonus the 10 Day Intention Setting Challenge Course a $49 Value
  • Expert interviews, coming soon!

Total Value of $699 so far, and it's all yours for just $9.95 monthly, no commitment required, you can unsubscribe at any time, but I don't think you will!

Upcoming Challenges will include:

  • Mindset
  • Energy Challenges
  • Healthy Habits
  • Business & Money Making

Some months may feature more than one challenge. It is a use what you need when you need situation. Not into the current challenges? Choose your own adventure from the library of challenges!

Each challenge will feature 10+ episodes to educate, inspire and motivate! The challenges are delivered via a members only podcast, and membership area with all downloads, bonuses, and workshop replays.

It's like having a coach in your pocket :) Tune in anytime for motivation, ideas, and life-changing strategies, one challenge at a time!

This program is just $9.95 per month! What?!?! YES, it's true and you can cancel anytime through your customer dashboard, but I don't think you will.

Yes! I'm ready to challenge myself!

Just click the button below to sign up and get started right away! I can't wait to see what you create in your life. ⭐️ 

Join the Monthly Challenges Club here!

Hi I'm Gael 👋
In 2013 I started a journey to makeover my life! I was burned out, in debt, unwell, and I needed to find another way before I ended up sicker or divorced….

Today, I live in my dream house, have location and time freedom, do work I love, and feel amazing. That is what I want for you too.

On my path I have gone from an overworked massage therapist to finding success online with writing, teaching, and coaching I have learned and used mindset and journaling strategies, marketing, and business skills, and Feng Shui together to create my dream life!

I have been on the cover of a magazine, inducted into the World Massage Hall of Fame, and worked with entrepreneurs from all over the world. In 2019 I finished my certification as a Feng Shui consultant. 2020 brought a lot of changes to my carefully designed life, suddenly I found myself homeschooling my son, unable to go to my new Feng Shui offices, everything changed overnight! Thankfully I had tools in my toolbox and I pivoted to starting my new business Elevate with Gael, I wrote six new books, created many new programs and classes, and now I even homeschool my son by choice!

I credit the habits and challenges I have given myself with my continued success in the midst of a global pandemic and many life changes. In this program, I'm sharing challenges based on what works for me, what I continue to work on and what my members request! I hope you will join me and make 2022 your best year yet!

Join Today for the December joining bonuses the 10 Day Intention Setting Challenge (a $49 value), and The Gratitude Habit Ebook!

Monthly Challenge Library

You'll have access to new monthly challenges each month as well as all past challenges!

Success Resources for Challenges

Including reading lists, planners, journaling prompts, habit trackers and more!


Monthly bonuses including additional webinars & courses, Ebooks, and expert interviews!

Hell Yes! I'm ready for the challenges!

Just click the button below to sign up and get started right away! I can't wait to see what you create in your life. ⭐️ 

Join the Monthly Challenges Club here!

How will it all work? The monthly challenges are all recorded as private podcast episodes, only paying club members have access. You can listen to them on your laptop on your mobile device using the kajabi app, which I would recommend because this option will also give you easy access to the members are with your supporting resources and bonuses, or you can use a personal RSS feed to listen to the episodes on your favorite podcast app. 

Some of the bonuses and supporting resources will be easiest to access on a personal computer and some you may want to print out. 

Each challenge will have 10-20 episodes and supporting resources that will be added throughout the month. I do not work on a strict schedule so there isn't one, but you will receive an email when new content is ready. If you have any other questions, please email me at [email protected]

Hell Yes! I'm ready for the challenges!

Just click the button below to sign up and get started right away! I can't wait to see what you create in your life. ⭐️ 

Join the Monthly Challenges Club here!