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We are living in uncertain times, and our speakers have come together to help you learn, grow and apply expert advice to come out on top.

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Dreaming for Change 

GOOD NEWS may seem like a thing of the past, but we have positive news coming from far-away Burundi. You will be inspired by the work of Dreaming for Change.

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Elevate Your Life!

Elevated Business

Practical strategies and ideas for attracting new clients, finding your money making ideas, time management for increased productivity and income, and getting found online.

Elevated Mindset

Strategies and ideas for getting and staying motivated, increasing confidence and visibility, saying YES to new opportunities, using fear to your advantage, increasing creativity and managing anxiety, and selfcare and selflove.

Elevated Health & Wellness

Tools and Ideas for improving your health by ending burnout and finding balance, eating more plants to increase energy, focus and overall health.

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The Satisfaction of Supporting A Worthy Cause. 100% of proceeds for Lifetime Access ticket sales will be donated to Dreaming for Change specifically to the Preschool Building Fund and the Child Nutrition Program through GoFundMe. Dreaming for Change is a registered NGO Charity in Burundi, Africa. Learn more here.


Your Hosts

Gael Wood

Gael Wood

Summit Host, Dreaming for Change Board member, Communications/Fundraising Volunteer will present:

How Clutter Impacts Productivity, Mindset, and Income 

Clutter doesn't just look messy it can get in the way of our dreams! Learn how clutter may be impacting you and what you can do about it.


Your Ideas Can Change Your Life

Learn the daily idea generating process I use to create new products, solve problems and make money. Learn to come up with endless ideas and take fast action.

Janvier Manikariza

Founder and Executive Director of Dreaming for Change, 2019 Obama Foundation Africa Leader, 2017 Mandela Washington Fellow / Appalachian State University, Boone USA, 2016 YALI Regional Leadership Center Alumnus, Nairobi will present:

Training Your Mind to Serve Others

The most important gift in life is to have people around you that you can share life with. The world is harmonized by human beings living in their homes and walking around the streets. Serving others gives people dignity, heals ourselves and creates improved mental and physical health. Creating values is the driving force that enables our mind to serve other human beings.


Patience Ndayirukiye

Patience Ndayirukiye

Stay Motivated and Increase Confidence

What do we need first of all to be motivated? Does being surrounded with positive people help you stay motivated? Do we always need to have money to achieve great things?

These are a few of the questions I will answer in this presentation. Above all, I will share with you how I was motivated to take action in my community despite economical and educational challenges.

Patience Ndayirukiye is a young Burundian change-maker and entrepreneur devoted to working hard with others to improve lives through a variety of community care and entrepreneurship activities. A student In Business Administration at the International University of Equator based in Burundi, he succeeded in co-founding two organizations: the International Solidarity English Club (I.S.E.C ), a non-profit organization promoting English for International Communication in Burundi, and Platforme Associative des Jeunes pour le Development Integral au Burundi (PAJDIB), a for-profit venture which promotes rural entrepreneurship.

Connie Green

Dr. Connie Green

Accept the Challenge

Occasionally we are invited to do something we have never done before, something out of our comfort zone, perhaps a challenge we perceive as slightly dangerous. How do we find the courage to take important risks in our lives? Once we have decided to accept the invitation, what steps do we take to make sure we accomplish the task? Connie Green will describe personal challenges and the way she has used goal setting and small steps to become successful.

Connie Green is a retired education professor who has authored three books and many articles on education. She has presented on various education topics at state, national, and international conferences. Connie recently travelled to Burundi to start a preschool for underserved, rural children.

Kathi Burns

Kathi Burns, CPO

Shift Happens ~ Embracing Change in a Changing World

Entrepreneurs need good systems put into place to work in the background and keep their business operating smoothly so that they can focus on what they love to do and not get stuck in 'busyness'. Things change rapidly and with systems in place, you can react, pivot and move with the flow instead of fighting against it.

Kathi Burns is a Board Certified Professional Organizer, Image Consultant, Author and Speaker. Kathi is the founder of OrganizedandEnergized.com, a professional organizing and image consultancy. Her mission for the last 17 years is to “add space, energize and transform lives.” Since launching her consultancy in 2004, Kathi has published two books and her advice has been featured in multiple national media outlets including Oprah Magazine, Martha Stewart Living and Better Homes and Gardens, Entrepreneur Magazine and more.

Scott Paton

Scott Paton

The World Is Your Stage

Three projects you can start that will change your life forever when you are halfway through them.

Learn to leverage your skills and abilities, why you need a vision, you decide your life.

Scott Paton is a Podcast/Video Course Director & Executive Producer. "The last 4 years I have been around Europe, The Middle East, North Africa, North, Central and South America, SE Asia. I spent the lockdown in Colombia. The financial collapses around the world did not affect me at all. In fact my business grew."

Tim Cooper

Tim Cooper

9 Reasons Why Your Clients Can't Find You

In this presentation Tim will highlight the importance of having your business listed high on the first page of the search results. This free traffic method can result in thousands of dollars of revenue and could literally be the difference between your business struggling and thriving! 

Tim Cooper is a business and marketing strategist and SEO specialist with a thorough understanding of the health and wellness sector. Prior to commencing natural health studies in 1999, Tim worked as a software design engineer and business analyst for over 20 years. In 2013 Tim completed his first marketing course and fell in love with the science of marketing and social psychology. Tim brings a unique blend of industry, technical and business knowledge to his coaching clients and students around the world.

Felicia Brown

Felicia Brown, Author, Speaker, Consultant & Life Coach

What the Duck? Quacking Up to the Next Level

Felicia Brown is quacking up in the best possible way. After several weeks of pandemic nesting at home, Felicia unexpectedly changed her life by hosting an "impromptu" rubber duck race in the creek behind her house. Meant as a one-time exercise to do something to overcome the intense anxiety and depression she’d been feeling, the event has evolved into the Impromptu Rubber Duck Regatta (IMDR). Felicia has allowed herself to become silly, spontaneous and soaking wet resulting in huge boots of creativity, peace and joy. Join Felicia to hear her tips for “quacking up”.  

Felicia Brown is a Best Selling author, speaker, consultant and coach as well as a licensed massage therapist, spa owner, and entrepreneur. Her books include: Every Touch Marketing: Free & Easy Ways to Promote Yourself & Your Small Business, and Creating Lifetime Clients: How to WOW Your Customers for Life as well as five others. Appearing at events across the US and abroad, Felicia has inspired people around the world with her stories and strategies for succeeding personally and professionally.

Stephanie Zito

Stephanie Zito, Intuitive Business Coach

Turning Fear to Fuel

Are you looking to pivot in your business or increase your income without increasing your hours? Have you hit a ceiling and want clarity to break through? I'd by lying if I said even Multimillion dollar entrepreneurs don't experience fear. It's what they DO with it that makes the difference... and the income. If you want to expand your business, or pivot to shift into something new, but are facing fear... this workshop will help you take fear and make it your fuel to increase your income or to pivot in your business. Join us in moving through the 3 steps that can transform how you do business instantly.

Stephanie Zito is an intuitive business coach who sees right through the stories and blocks that hold you back from the success you desire. Through intuitive insight, she helps you rapidly gain clarity and make the shifts for you to increase your income aligned with your true purpose. Stephanie is a coach, speaker, and podcast host of This Passionate Life. She provides one on one coaching and courses to help you turn your passions into profits.

Darryl DJ Turner

Darryl "DJ" Turner

How To Consistently Attract Your Ideal Clients

Marketing & Advertising For Coaches, Consultants, & Wellness Providers.

Darryl "DJ" Turner is a marketer, husband, and world traveler. Through his remote online business he empowers coaches, consultants, and wellness professionals to grow their businesses through paid Facebook advertising.

Daphne Wells

Daphne Wells

Consistency Changes Everything

You’re going to learn:

  • Why you struggle to be consistent and why that stops you making money
  • Key secrets to help you be consistent so you can make more money in record time
  • Plus lots of other juiciness!

HEY, I’M DAPHNE WELLS. I’m a speaker, coach, and author helping women who work too hard for the money they’re taking home make more money in record time by unlocking their freedom code to create a life and business that feels free. I’ve lived through countless situations in which I felt as though I had no freedom, no choice, no voice. Now it’s become my mission to help so many more women create freedom in their lives so they can truly find and become the powerful, independent women they always were on the inside.

Charlotte Caunter

Charlotte Caunter, Health Coach

5 Secrets to End Burnout Now

Learn 5 Holistic Secrets to help high achieving women to go from burnt out to fired up!

My name is Charlotte Caunter and I am a mum of 2, a Health Coach, Burnout Specialist, Cancer Survivor and the Founder Health SHEro. I help high achieving women who are feeling burnt out & struggling to get through their day to feeling energized, happier, & more successful at home & in their careers.

Angela Wills

Angela Wills

Raise Your Vibration with Plant-Based Living

There is no doubt that focusing on a whole food diet can elevate your life, business and relationships by bringing you more energy, focus and health. If you've ever wondered what eating plants can do for you and your body that is what we'll cover in this presentation. 

Angela Wills is the owner of ChasingVegan.com, a non-judgemental vegan inspiration blog and website to help anyone interested in exploring eating plant-based. Angela has been vegan for over a year. She's a mom of two who runs multiple businesses and loves helping people do good in the world.

Lilli Badcock

Lilli Badcock - Spiritual Purpose Coach

Navigating Fear and Anxiety by Waking Up to Your Purpose

In this presentation, Lilli shares her personal story about navigating anxiety and arriving at an understanding of life purpose in the process. From singing in the shower to singing teacher to confidence coach, a series of subtle but powerful shifts helped her to find her core purpose which includes helping you find yours!

Lilli Badcock is an Intuitive Spiritual Purpose Coach, helping Spiritual Entrepreneurs reconnect to their true purpose. She combines powerful mindset techniques with channeled intuitive guidance to help set them back on their path. She specializes in helping her clients to navigate the anxiety and overwhelm that can so often hold them back.

Laurie Herbers

Laurie Herbers, Empowerment Coach

Mindset Reboot

To ensure the ability to have a positive mindset all begins with fulfillment of your basic needs. This means taking care of self and doing things that show that you are important. Choosing to meet your basic needs is key to empowering your thinking. Acknowledging the thoughts in your mind is the way to change them from a negative thought into a positive one. Taking the time to do self-care is a piece of doing a reboot to your thinking. Treating yourself as someone who is important will increase your ability to change your mindset.

Laurie Herbers is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Educator with a Master’s in Educational Administration, Author, Entrepreneur and Founder of a program called Purpose Creator. Everything she does is done in love and believes in honoring all life. She is passionate about leading others to truth, their purpose and falling into love with life, every aspect of it. Her number one goal in life is to change the world through a movement of love from the soul.

Pamela James

Pamela James, Balanced Living Coach

Find Your Balance

A 4-step process to reclaim your time, reduce your stress, and find joy in life again.

Pamela James helps busy women business owners find more time and success while reducing stress so they can enjoy their lives with the people they love. After 20+ years in Corporate American, she became a national board certified health & wellness coach, life coach, business consultant, speaker, and author of multiple Amazon best selling books to help others find balance in their lives. Pamela's expertise in business, process and project management coupled with training in multiple holistic modalities provides her clients with unique integrated approaches to their work, life, and health. 

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