Coaching & Consulting with Gael Wood

Coaching & Mentoring with Gael Wood

I work with clients that are ready to look at what is, claim what is possible, and take action to create exactly what they want in life or business. My clients understand that change takes place on every level, energetic, mental, and physical, and are willing to do the practical work as well as the inner work to create dream businesses and lives! 

I love helping my clients to create new income streams, the transition from a "hands-on" business to an online or hybrid model, finding and attracting new opportunities, writing and publishing books, all while living life in alignment with their values and priorities. If you are ready to create your Dream Life, you are in the right place!


Business Review & Report

In this review, I will look over your current marketing (website, social media, print, and networking), service menus, and systems to see where improvements can be made.

Let's find the money you are missing out on and increase your income by increasing client inquiries and bookings, optimizing client retention, and up-leveling overall sales.

The review package includes an introductory call to get familiar with your goals, then I'll collect information via a google form with the business information and links needed for your review.

When your report is complete (in one to two weeks) a review call will be scheduled to plan your action steps, and track your results and income. 

Finally, you are invited to schedule a thirty-minute follow-up call at your convenience to troubleshoot your plan or answer additional questions. 

Book your review today, and start seeing results in just a few weeks time!

Yes Gael! Find my money!

Dream Life Design 12 Week Program

You, me, 12 weeks of working closely together to design your dream life!

This program includes 12 weekly calls and unlimited support via voxer messaging app. 

We will dive deep into your dreams for your career, health, finances, relationships, environment, self-care, discern the qualities that are beneath the dream and bring them into your life in the NOW while creating a path and a plan for expansion and elevation!

Have questions? Email me [email protected]

Yes Gael! Let's Design My Dream Life!

Group Coaching in Elevate with VIP Option

This is the place for women who are ready to create their dream businesses and lives.

I'm sharing everything I know about creating success and money (both on and offline) from my 25 years as a successful spa owner turned online entrepreneur in the Elevate business library. My businesses bring in multiple 6 figures, and I do it all while homeschooling my son and enjoying time and location freedom.

YES, you can do what you love, and build your dream business.

Creating a dream life is an inner game. Our mastermind mindset library will keep you inspired, moving forward, happier and healthier, and high vibe! This is a daily requirement and I'm sharing the exact tools and mindset practices that have changed my life.

You'll have everything you need to create a home and office environment that supports your dreams!

What we have in our physical environment affects us on every level, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically. The environment is often overlooked but it's one of the most powerful and life-changing tools we have.

Elevating your environment can release energetic blockages in just a few minutes a day with the resources in the Elevate Mastermind library.

These three focuses are exactly what I credit with being able to produce and function at a high level, bringing in the income that I desire, and living a life that amazes me every day!

Yes Gael! I'm ready to Elevate!

"“Don’t get me wrong, I’m scared to death doing this second business. I have all the questions: Can I do it? Will it happen? Will people come? I have the same fears. But I’m able to temper them because I use you as my business coach and my sessions. I remember my Bootcamp and all the things I have to do. I also surround myself with other successful people.”"

Ann Bell
Life Coach at A Confidential Conversation