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Get Published Bootcamp FAQ's and Overview

Uncategorized Jun 04, 2021

I've been getting some questions about the Get Published Bootcamp, schedule, what is included, and pricing....  Get all of the details below:

The program includes three workshops, and additional "as needed" video trainings. 

Monday, June 7 at 10 am. Writing Your Book!

In this call we will cover, the Bootcamp plan, choosing your topic/working title, book outline strategies, writing consistently (and writing hacks), setting goals & staying on track. This is a workshop, bring your pen & paper. :)

Weekly Q&A and Accountability Calls will be Monday mornings at 10 am US EST

June 14, 21 & 28 July 5 & 12

Workshop #2 Next Steps, Publishing your Book!

July 13, 10 am US, EST

We will cover, Editing, Formatting, Writing Your Book Description, Publishing on Amazon, Publishing on Your Website, Getting Reviews, Best Seller List Strategy.

Weekly Q&A and Accountability Calls Monday mornings at 10 am US EST

July 26 & August 2

Virtual Book Fair Planning Session and Book Marketing

August 3, 10 am US EST

Book Fair August 25 & 26!!

All Bootcamp Participants who are current Elevate members will be invited to participate in the Book Fair. Yes, I will be promoting you and your book!

This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity. I do not know when I will run this Bootcamp again.

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