What if the real reason you don't have everything you want in life is simply because you haven't asked for enough? 

We are "programmed" to ask for what we think we can/should have, to be realistic and reasonable, and to stay safe from rejection and what other people might think. 

Let's install a new program! Good things come to those who ASK. 

Things, money, help and support, discounts, upgrades, opportunities and so much more come to those who ASK. 

Asking is not easy, especially for so many of us who were taught that it's actually rude, inappropriate, or wrong in some way to ask for what we want need, and desire, and as a result, we either don't ask or we ask for a lesser version of what we really want, and what we end up within that case is a lesser version of the life we want. 

I am calling bullshit on this!! You CAN and SHOULD ask for what you want/need/desire.  

So why is it that we have such a hard time asking for money (aka selling to clients and customers), help & support, our boundaries to be respected, time alone, time with someone, or whatever else we need and want to call in and manifest?

It's simply our mindset and programming around different situations, and the great news is that our mindset and programming can be changed, upgraded, and reset. 

Receiving and being open and able to receive is the other side of this equation! And, it is yet another area where many of us struggle. Receiving can feel amazing and fully aligned for example when we pay for and then experience an amazing massage or other experience, we feel good receiving because of the money exchange there is no guilt or questioning of it. 

Other times though we don't feel deserving at all it feels like taking too much, more than our "share" and in this uncomfortableness, we can block receiving even if it's exactly what we want!  Self sabotage anyone? We all do it but again the great news is that this is a learned habit and condition that we can change our energy and experience around!

Join me for a powerful, transformational home study program designed to ground you firmly and confidently in your God-given asking and receiving power. 

Asking is a practice and the more you do it the more comfortable you will get, and the more you ask for the more you will receive. 

But Gael, isn't always asking for more just being an ungrateful and unsatisfied spoiled brat? I'm glad you ASKED that question :)

We will spend four weeks looking at Asking and Receiving from every angle, so we can sort out our "stuff" and become better askers and better receivers. From the practical action steps of getting over fear and embarrassment to the energetic alignment of asking fully for what we want, need, and desire!

Absolutely not there is no logical reason why we can't be 100% in gratitude and appreciation while also asking for and stepping into even more. We can be all kinds of things at the same time, right? We can be super excited about an opportunity and still be nervous and a bit afraid. We can be sad about someone we love passing away and simultaneously filled with joy and gratitude that we were a part of their world. We can be angry and frustrated with our children and still love them with everything that we are. So, yes you can and should be grateful whilst asking for more. :)

Are you ready to do this? 

  • Ask for MORE and Receive MORE
  • Delete limiting beliefs that keep you from asking!
  • Uplevel to increased receiving by way of increased asking
  • Step UP into the you that speaks her truth and asks for what she actually wants.
  • Get crystal clear on what you desire to call in so that you CAN ask for it.
  • Tuning in and clarifying when your ask has been misunderstood or you were not clear. It's ok to clarify and ask again. 
  • Of course, all asking within the parameters of your personal morals and values. This isn't about marching around demanding things.
  • Learn new techniques to help you ASK confidently and clearly. 
  • Recognize "rejection" and no's for what they really mean and represent so you can carry right along asking for what you really want.  

How we will practice:

  • This is a Home Study Course, you get immediate access to the Full Course and the great BONUSES.
  • Journaling prompts, exercises, action steps, and accountability as you practice greater levels of asking and receiving. 
  • Additional audio trainings and worksheets as needed and required. 
  • Lifetime Access to all replays and content will be available in your account at elevatewithgael.com

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